Charles Sprague Sargent

Born in Boston on April 24, 1841 to Ignatius and Henrietta (Gray) Sargent, Charles Sprague Sargent is best known for his role as the influential first director of the Arnold Arboretum. After service in the Civil War and travel in Europe, he returned home to study botany. He was appointed director of the Arnold Arboretum on November 24, 1973. Just two days after his appointment, he married Mary Allen Robeson. Mrs. Sargent gained renown as a warm and friendly hostess at the Sargent estate, Holm Lea. The couple had five children: Henrietta Lowell, Mary Bowditch Potter, Charles S. Sargent, Alice Sargent, and Andrew Robeson Sargent.

Sargent traveled throughout the world to collect new specimens, and many plants were named in his honor. He wrote several books and numerous articles for the botanical journals of the time. He was also civically involved, serving as a Park Commissioner for Brookline and a Trustee of the Public Library of Brookline.

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Brookline Chronicle March 24, 1927 Charles Sprague Sargent Obituary Brookline Chronicle March 24, 1927 Charles Sprague Sargent Obituary

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Charles Sprague Sargent